ZCM 10.2

Windows XP.3 ZENworks7

Basically I want to walk up to the workstation and hold down CTRL-ALT, select the #1 default choice Start ZENworks Imaging. Keep in mind I have ZfD7 installed on this machine. Ergo this machine is not Reg in ZCC.

I then told ZCM server to apply an imaging script to any NON-reg machine looking for work. My script snippet is as follows.
if [ `hwinfo --bios | grep -ic "VMWare Virtual Platform"` = "1" ]
img rp $PROXYADDR vmware.zmg
(i do use other and have tried other hardware types the above is just a snippet)

Upon holding down CRTL-ALT and selecting Start ZENworks Imaging, the machine loads and then bombs out with:
Exiting: Computer has not been recently imaged

I'm assuming this is because the ZEN7 ziswin partition exists. That said, how to i blow that out and image the workstation based on the above variable?

-Or if i'm going about it wrong, does anyone have an idea as to how i could simply hit ENTER after holding down CTRL-ALT and have the workstation image itself based upon Product ID in the BIOS as in the code snippet above?

Thank you for any help you can provide.