I have a clean SLES 10 SP3 server with fresh installed of OES2.
This is my first OES2 install in our lab and I received the following error:
"Unable to LUM add/modify 'admin'"

As per TID7005556, I'm fairly certain that this was caused by the "uniqueID"
being "admin" while the Common Name is "Admin". I've corrected the
"uniqueID" to now match the case of the CN.

This TID states:
Ensure the UniqueID and CommonName have the same value and case sensitivity.
Change the UniqueID (UID) to match the CommonName or change the CommonName
to match the UniqueID (UID)

I do not have the "Linux User Management" icon in YaST under "Security and
Users" (as documentation says I should) and I believe this was caused by
above mentionned errro during the installation. How do I correct this LUM

When I login to iManager to this OES2 server all seems well with LUM on the
eDirectory side. I was able to LUM enable a user, the Unix config and
workstation objects are in the tree. I'd just like to make some LUM changes
on this server to start testing. LUM doesn't appear to be working on this
new server.

Should I use YaST to uninstall LUM (when I do this it also shows that it
will uninstall a couple other items) then re-install?