We have a volume / pool on a server (OES2 SP2 nearly new) at work on which salvage stopped working as the free space got too low (the server was brought up in a hurry as another one fell over, and isn't as big as we'd like) I tried various commands to change the pool / volume watermark levels etc. whilst the disk was still online and achieved very little. What has happened is that our ability to set directory quotas using C1 / windows explorer / JRB utils has gone.

What's even odder is that I can still set the quota through netstorage (just did it for my own "S" drive) - this is definitely setting a quota as it's then showing as such in win explorer.

I'm restarting the server in the morning.

Two questions:

any idea what might be wrong
any pointers as to what to try to get the file system working the way our admin and users expect? (with quotas and salvage working)

Cheers in advance,