We currently host our Zenworks packages on Netware 6.5 servers. Our Zen7 is also installed on a Netware 6.5 server so we are running Novell Client 4.91 SP2 and the Zenworks agent on our Windows XP SP3 desktops (no middle tier).

We are now in the process of moving to Active Directory, and one of the first steps will be to migrate file services over to Windows shares. We currently use either the MSI feature of NAL to elevate rights or we use unsecured system user to elevate rights as our users are not Administrators of their workstations. We associate our application objects to either user container, user group, or simply invidual users. Our login scripts map drive letters to our Netware shares. Our MSI objects in NAL access the packages via the mapped drive letter while our normal objects (unsecured system user) access them by UNC path or by using application file distribution feature of NAL.


Will there be any issues with moving the application files from Netware to Windows? What file permissions would we have to grant on the Windows side to allow the Zenworks agent to access the file shares? I know on the Netware side, we would grant read rights to the file share to the same containers, users, or groups that have access to the application object. We also granted our workstations container access to certain directories so that the unsecured system user could access the shares via UNC path. I've seen some discussion on the forums about using the built-in Everyone account on the Windows side. Would there be additional accesses required? What about the security implications of granting Everyone read access to these shares? I'm just trying to get an idea of what would be needed on the Windows side to allow Zenworks to keep working. Obviously we'll probably be keeping our eDirectory infrastructure at least until all phases of the migration are complete.

Thanks in advance!