the remote manager of oes2sp2 doesn't offer the same set of possible actions, like
NoRM of NW6.5 does:

Volume Management-> click down to the locked file -> INFO:

Global lock information:

Use count: 1
Open count: 1
Open for read: 1
Open for write: 1
Deny read: 0
Deny write: 1
Not locked

File lock information by connection:

Select All - Clear All [close file for marked connections]

Close File | User name | Connection | Task | Lock status | Log status
[ ] | Admin | 109 | 8 | Not locked | Not logged

I know, that I can use NoRM's feature "Manage NCP Connections" to kill the
*CONNECTION*, but what I'm looking for is how to just clear the locks for jus one
*SINGLE* file

What do I miss?

Regards, Rudi.