I have followed all of the documentation regarding generating a CSR, creating the new eDirectory object from which that CSR is generated, then subsequently downloading and doing the "read from file" SSL cert installation, and it won't validate.

I have a NetWare 6.5, SP8 server running Apache/Tomcat and it's our GroupWise WebAccess server (version 8).

I want to encrypt the sessions as well as the authentication from the GW WebAccess login screen (right now, it's just http://).

Our institution purchased a wildcard, unlimited subdomain, SSL certificate from GoDaddy to use for this, and other, SSL cert. needs.

No matter what I do, it won't work.

I am using ConsoleOne to create the new eDirectory object according to the documentation, generate the CSR, and install the certificate, but to no avail.

Can anyone help?