Hi everyone,

Would like to solve a problem I think many administrators of Zen10 have encounter: the identity of Workstations when we imaged new pc OR an existing workstation that's already imported in a ZCM Zone.

the problem: I have a workstation that is imported in a ZCM Zone. I decide to take this PC for making a base image but without making any modifications to the Agent or registry. When I reload this image on another machine, when I will boot up this new machine, it will take the same ALIAS of the master machine, so in the Zone, the actual object will be replace by the new one, so one object for two machines.

I have readed many forums messages on this issue and many told to go on the master machine and uninstall the Agent and delete some Reg keys. Some told to do the Sysprep (others told that sysprep is not necessary). After, an image could be taken. But all this is a lot of work. In ZEn7, whatever we keep the zen partition, the new machines always haved a single identity.

Is there a alternate way to allow a new machine (or existing entity in a Zone) to be imported without to make changes to the master machine to make a base image? I think about our technicians in our school district that will have to do many base images for the schools labs and I expect a lot of "nightmares" by messing the ZCM database....

Is there a clear and documented procedure to correct this issue?

thank you for your support!