This may seem strange. I have 5 primary zcm 10.3 servers installed at 5 different school districts. I also have one main primary server they report to. However in one of our ad districts, we can not get pxe to work. When a client logs in it just sits and spins. So i join the server to the local domain and then pxe works.
Normaly i would not care if joined or not. However when joined i pxe boot and get an error that the license may have expired. i look at the novell-pbserv log file. I get barely any results its says something like [RUFL] file 1 update.s
When i remove it from the domain the file looks normal. It says [AKN] and comes back with server guid and goes through the correct license stuff.

Preferably i want zcm pxe to get dhcp when not bound to the domain. Does anyone know any settings in windows that could cause this?

I know sounds strange.