Getting ready to move from ZfD7 to ZCM10 and just wanted to make sure
I am heading in the right direction. I have 2 offices connected by a
point to point WAN link. Main office has about 54 people and remote
office has 12. Since we are a fairly small business, I planned to
have a single primary server for all ZCM functions at the main office.
1. Do I need to setup a satellite at the remote office? The remote
office has its own subnet if that matters. If the WAN link went down
temporarily and we did not have a satellite, would the PCs at the
remote office continue to function while it was down or would there be
2. If I do setup a satellite, for such a small office, would a desktop
PC running XP work?
3. I noticed that Novell has a ZCM Appliance. I have an ESXi 4 server
that I was planning to use to host the ZCM Primary. Can I just use
that appliance - does it include everything needed for the primary?
And will it install on ESXi 4?