I was upgrading one of the cluster notes from NW65sp6 to sp8 and ran into abend issues. When I ran the latest HP NWSP v8.0 for the server, it abended and I havenít been able to bring back up in normal mode. Can only startup with server Ėna. Tried a few times and each time it abends I try to get a coredump, but it canít even do that. Looking thru the abend logs, running process is cpqsdasa.nlm & cpqasm,,, executing code in libc.nlm. I see that it also loads many cpq modules it wasnít loading before the upg. Maybe this is what the HPNW SP 8.0 installed, I did an f10 and it usually only installs the appropriate ones.

*I copied the hp drivers that it was loading before the upg to the c:\nwserver\drivers thinking it might the issue, but the same thing happened, so I copied the new ones back. Now when it boots up it does like a DOS check disk before it boots netware, and when booting netware I see in the scrolling screen, something about error in boot order. Is the directory c:\nwserver\drivers.new created by netware or the HPNW SPack? If it is created by netware then it must not be a driver issue because after the SP8 upg the server came up fine after rebooting a few times when doing post upds, thatís why I copied back the ones that were in the drivers. I donít know how to proceedÖ
I am attaching the logger.txt file but donít know how to retrieve the abend logs from the server console to a floppy or something because I canít map to it when it doesnít load the autoexec.ncf file. Please advice soonest.