We are using Novell Client 2 SP 1

I want to change a few items on the login.

I can see which file to edit to change the splash screen,
c:\windows\system\oobe\background I know it has to be no larger than

What I want to know is where to go to edit the white text under the
Username and Password boxes, edit it a little, make it bigger, maybe a
different colour etc

We would also like to be able to say something along the lines of Login
to our College network, rather then Novells.

I also need to move some conditions of use text out of the login script
and on to the login screen, I could put into the splash screen graphic
but I'm wondering if there is another option. The old way isn't really
any good because the login script runs after login, I often see the
login script still open hours after people have logged in, minimised at
the bottom of the screen, it has a pause just so you can read it....

Thanks, Paul.