my Dynamic Administrator Users (DAU) need access to Software Sources on Netware Servers to install packages. Old problem with a new idea:

The following is working if I put in a script action within every bundle:
net use \\FileServer\Vol1 UserPW /user:.ROuser.OU2.OU1.O
Then the DAU has access to the UNC path of the server where the ROuser has rights to and can install all packages.

Now I would like to execute the following for every DAU user - or possibly for every user without putting it into the bundle:
if "%username:~0,3%"=="DAU" net use \\FileServer\Vol1 UserPW /user:.ROuser.OU.O
So it should be mapped for each and every DAU* user during every launch / logging of a DAU user (it will not execute for a normal user Dau*!).

How can we do that?

I put the above into a script in C:\windows\ and a shortcut into the default users Startup/Autostart Folder. When DAU logs in that profile is copied however the script does not execute.

Is there a way of Loginscript for each and every user?

Can it be a Registy key Run Once in the default user Registry?

Anybody tried local GroupPolicy for such a thing?

The often mentioned solution for uploading into repository does not make sense if I have applications with thousends of files in the installation folder where only hundreds are copied during installation (3200 / 600 for Groupwise 8 client! or 4300 /2700 for Office 2003).

Lets work together and try to find a solution for that long going problem!