We're running two BorderManager 3.7 SP2 servers. I've recently
implemented a proxy.pac which does load balancing (Thanks Shaun!). Itworks in general. The best way I can explain the problem we're havingis with our example:

User browses to http://www.bestredyp.com/ (yellow pages), clicks on
the map link. Once on the map page, the user then clicks on a sectionof the map to zoom into it. They immediately get a "404 Not found"
error. The interesting thing is that the only users that get this
error are users that we limit with access rules. For example, we haverules:

1. Allow all users to go to http://*.bestredyp.com/*
2. Allow only members of group WebFullAccess to go to any site.

If a user is a member of the webfullaccess NDS group, they do not getthe 404 error. If they are not, they do get the error. Both are usingthe following proxy.pac which is located @ z:\proxy.pac (in IE6, we
point to with file://z:/proxy.pac):

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
// set bm2 and bm3 to the 2 proxies
var bm2=""
var bm3=""
//find the 4th octet - if even, is bm2/bm3 else bm3/bm2
var myip=myIpAddress()
var ipbits=myip.split(".")
var myseg=parseInt(ipbits[3])
if(myseg==Math.floor(myseg/2)*2) {
var proxone=bm2
var proxtwo=bm3
else {
var proxone=bm3
var proxtwo=bm2

//if name has no dots, or is our domain, or starts 192., or if my
//current address does not start 192. don't use proxy
if(isPlainHostName(host) ||
dnsDomainIs(host,".lvcva.int") ||
myip.substring(0,4)!=="192." ||
host.substring(0,4)=="192." )

// alert("direct")
return "DIRECT";
else {
// alert("proxy")
return "PROXY "+proxone+":8080; PROXY "+proxtwo+":8080" ;

Any clues? Thanks