We have the Zenworks 7 management agent installed on our Windows 2003 Standard Terminal Servers which are running Citrix Presentation Server 4. We only wish to use the agent on Windows 2003 Server for dynamic local user and nothing else. We do not want policies to appy nor do we want users running NAL objects on these servers.

We do have local policies configured to deploy to our Windows XP desktops. In the C1 Policies tab, we have Windows Group Policy set under Windows XP. We don't even have the option for Windows 2003 Server, yet we found out this weekend that our XP policies are being applied to our 2003 TS. Why would these policies be applied to 2003 when we only have XP enabled? Is there a way to explictly disable polices and NAL objects/Application Explorer on 2003 TS so that we don't have these things inadvertently being deployed?

Thanks in advance!