First of all, I'm not a developer in any way. I've been the GWise Admin here for 12+ yrs. Our GW upgrade from GW703/NetWare 6.5 to GW801/SUSE is on hold until I can find an answer for this. I'm hoping this forum will be able to help! Years back a couple of our programmers used the Object API way back in GW 5/6 to configure a couple automated mailings/processes for a couple different business areas here. These processes still continue to run today. They of course are related to sales-generating and we can not risk them not working if they would be affected by our upgrade. So hear's a couple questions:

If we upgraded from GW703/NetWare to GW8/SUSE would that cause a problem w/these processes continuing to function?

Or, is it possible after upgrading the back-end to GW801/SUSE, could we keep the client PC's which work w/these processes at GW703 and they would be unaffected and continue to run properly?

Is the GW Object API even officially supported by Novell any longer when using w/GW7 and/or GW8?

Is it possible I need to provide a newer GW Object API to the programmers?

Lastly, of course, management here would want to make sure I can 100% guarantee that the upgrade would not affect the processes, so does that sound reasonable (aside from the piece of risk that always comes from an upgrade).

Thanks much in advance,