This past weekend I pulled the trigger to update my ZCM 10.2.2 system to 10.3 and am experiencing a couple of (hopefully) minor issues that I need to resolve.

First of all, even though the ZCM "core" has updated, I keep getting an error on the agent on the ZCM server itself keeps failing to update. I keep getting a "This device was unable to rebuild the deployment packages. Check the loader-messages.log on the device for more details." message, and when I check the loader-messages.log file it is giving me a number of events, the ones that seem to be the most relevant essentially say "Error... can't get content from content system. The specified content is not available on this server."

I'm not sure but I think that this is resulting in my second error. Most of my systems are upgrading to the 10.3 clients without any trouble. There are a few that have generated random errors, which I've tried to manually reinstall the clients. As the installation process is running I keep getting errors while installation is in process, but the MSI's and other files are referencing the 10.2.2 versions.

I still have a few systems that need to trickle in from mobile workers but am down to under 10 that still need to be updated. Am I going to have to cancel and redeploy the 10.3 update to try to fix the issue that I'm having with these issues?