I am running BorderManager 3.7 SP2 on NW 5.1 SP6. Most BM services I
am using seems to be running good (Proxy w/ clntrust, ipflt, VPN

The problem is that on a workstation that doesn't have a NetWare
client or clntrust running, all I get is the "HTTP Error 403 Forbidden, Access
denied because you are not logged in" from BM. I don't get the SSL =authentication screen. I do have SSO enabled with SSL (tried both
HTTP and Java) from the BM server object in NWAdmin32 with a newly created
512 bit (40 bit?) key. I even created a new key and assigned it at the
SSO screen hoping that the previous key was corrupt.

I was looking at the Novell BM Proxy Cache Server console screen while
booting up and I get these messages about 1/3 the way down:

Initializing SAS
Waiting for Directory Services to initialize before SAS login
Invalid KeyID
SAS initialization failed
SSL initialization failed. Disabling SSL authentication.

I am sure this is where my problem lies. The only problem is, I can't
find any TIDs that have been able to help me solve this problem.

I have purchased both of Craig's books (great books, thank you) and
have been going through them but haven't found anything that has addressed
this problem yet. I have also been to Craig's website and skimmed his suggestions there. I am not using the proxy.cfg file he has posted,

Craig, you're in the Phoenix area, right? Are you on State of AZ contract? ;-)