We just set up a new SLES 11 server with Teaming 2.1 running on that server. Overall the server is running fine with the Teaming Software. However; when connecting to the LDAP source I am seeing issues with users being pulled into the Teaming server. For example one user Sharon Hxxxxx does not come into the Teaming server even though she is under the Top BASE DN (O=GSB) there are other users that have multiple ID's for example cn=sbaumann,ou=Pineview,o=gsb and cn=sbaumann,ou=Fairmont,o=gsb yet when I try to login as that user as sbaumann and his Novell password just returns incorrect login.

1.) Do I need to login in as cn=sbaumann,ou=Pineview,o=gsb then Novell password or does the password not get transferred over to the Teaming site.

2.) If there are multiple accounts for the same name would that cause issues with logging in?

3.) I have done this with a small eDirectory tree and I was able to use my Novell Password to get logged into the Teaming server, is there something on the LDAP that I need to check to make sure that this happens?

4.) When I browse I can see users but cannot seem to see them all under the personal user spaces?

thank you in advanced I know that this is a lot.