Production servers running 10.2.2 on an external MS-SQL database. We starting having slow performance issues a few weeks ago (slow logins, ZCC tasks, High I/O on database server, etc.). What I have noticed is there seems to be a large amount of status XML files (located in /var/opt/novell/zenworks/collection/status) on our primaries that are waiting to be processed (10K or more) and some of the files show dates as far back as January. I can verify that each primary is processing the files still by looking in the loader-messages.log. Is there any way to clear off these old files (skip them) so the primary does not have to process them, or do we just need to wait it out in hopes that the servers can catch up (which I doubt they will ever do since a lot of these status files are created each day)?

I did notice that SP3 listed a bug fix for "Bug 579306 Inventory files are backing up in the Collector directory," but I'm under the impression that is talking about inventory collection files, not the status files.