As noted in the subject I work in a school setting. I have BM3.7fpd installed on a NW51SP6 server. I was running out of internal ip
and not too long ago got that problem fixed. At one time, no one was
to get to the Internet unless they had the proxy address set in the
Internet options in Internet Explorer. Somewhere along the way
got changed and if you go in and uncheck the use of the proxy, you can

still get out to the Internet by bypassing the proxy. As you can
students figured this out and are going to sites we don't want them
What setting did I change, or what do I need to change so that
has to go through the proxy to get to the Internet? I am using
ip addresses with 10.10.1.x and 10.10.3.x. The internal address of
the bm
server is and is the address we put into the internet
options as
the proxy address.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
Debbie Dibble
Technology Coordinator
Okanogan School District
Washington State