Hi All,

I have quite alot of bundles which launch a Windows Executable with command line parameters.

On my workstations I have 2 different policies. Open policy for admins and a closed policy for Users.

In ZEN7 this was no problem, but now in ZCM10 it appears that these bundles generate a launch error in the closed policies.

An example : Adobe Acrobat Professioal 8

GenericActions.LaunchWinError{M:\Installatie\Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional\Setup.exe;/rs /rps /sl "1043" /msi /t AcroPro.mst /qb-!;Unknown error (0xffffffff)}

This executable and these parameters worked fine in ZEN7 in both open and closed policies for users. Now in ZCM10 it only works in the open policy for admins, but not in the closed policy for users.

I have this error with quite alot of Windows Executables..

Anyone any idea's why this happens? I couldn't find much info here on the forum and Novell Support and Google doesn't help much either...