SLES 10 SP3/OES2 SP2, GW801HP on VM server
POST OFFICE LINKS - C/S only with IPADDR (only one p.o)
GWIA stops sending and receiving

Log file shows following error with POP3:
00:04:05 896 Accepted POP3 connection with:
00:04:05 896 Successful login with client/server access:
00:04:06 896 File read error on file "" in module "GweGetAttachmentBlock".
00:04:06 896 POP3 session ended:

After receiving a significant number of these errors it is necessary to restart the GWIA
This is happening at least twice a day
No TIDs available except one from 2003 and it doesn't help.
Any ideas?

Anyone experience issues with GW801HP and/or SLES 10SP3 or OES2 SP2?