OK - here's a really strange one. One user sends appointments to multiple users in the office. The appointment shows up in her calendar and several of the users get the appointment. Others do not. The ones who get the appoinment show in the sent information as Delivered, with a date and time that is current. The rest show as pending with a date of 12/31/1969 and a time of 5:00 PM. Strangely, some times the sender, who gets a copy of the appointment, also shows as pending with the date of 12/31/1969 - yet she does have the appointment in her calendar. I have rebuilt the user and the client says that they ran a gwcheck. I am running structure and index right now and I will run a contents check shortly. There aren't any errors at the client or on the PO. Occasionally the client sees a D101 error - but I think that's a red herring because the problem happens whether or not there is an error message. There are two errors that are showing up on the POA but don't show up when the send happens so may be unrelated to this issue - 820E on msg207.db and 820E on ngwcheck.db - these errors did happen while the gwcheck was running, so this may be a different issue. Before I run the contents check, I'll rename the ngwcheck.db.

There are approximately 275 users in this post office and only this one user is having the problem. The only thing different about her was that we changed her user name a month or so ago and she had all kinds of issues with her e-mail. We decided the problem was due to changing the user name in GW but not changing on the BES server. When we fixed it all, she had all of her new e-mail (mail received since the date and time of the name change), but none of the old stuff. We did a rebuild on her user and that didn't resolve it so we recovered her e-mails and calendar items from reload. The backups still had her as the old user so we recovered under the old user name, archived and then restored to the new user name. The mailbox FID did not change, but we couldn't just use the backup option with the new user name. That was slightly strange in and of itself.

We are on GW 8.0.1 - user is running the 7.0.3 client - however, the problem happens when we use an 8.0 client as well - the problem does not seem to be related to the client but to something happening with the GW database.

Any ideas?

Would this be best resolved by archiving the e-mails, blowing away the user and restoring from the archive?