WinXP SP2 (Chinese-Traditional), Novell Client 4.91SP5 with patches up to & including nwfilter1 (Oct 2009) have been applied.

MS Word 2003 SP3 (Chinese-Traditional)

Files are stored on OES2SP2 clustered NSS volume. OES2SP2 patches up to Jan 2010 applied.


1. User A opens Word document read-write
2. User B opens same document and gets the typical dialog "User A opened the file, do you want to ..." and 3 choices such as read-only, make a copy, etc.

Sometimes, it works fine. Other times, the "opened-by" dialog in step 2 shows a totally unrelated user opened the file (neither User A nor User B). Of course, the unrelated user name has not opened the file.

Any hints appreciated.