We're using various BorderManager 3.8 SP5 servers for Internet proxy and cache. Some of the servers have the post-SP5 patch, others don't.

Recently, I tried to download a 4.2 GB iso from the openSUSE web site: openSUSE-11.2-DVD-i586.iso @ Index of /distribution/11.2/iso

I found, however, that no matter which proxy server I used or which browser I used--Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6.3, Opera 10.52--the download would fail at 4.0 GB. The download would chug away, hit 4.0 GB, and then stop with a message saying that the file could not be read from the source. (At times, too, the download would initially stop at 192 MB. I would simply restart it and it would then run until the 4 GB mark and then fail.)

I tried the download from a few mirror sites and I tried downloading a similar iso from a different Linux vendor. Same issue: the download eventually failed at 4.0 GB.

Finally, I tried the download bypassing proxies. The download worked. This leads me to believe that the BorderManager proxies were the cause of the problem. I can't, however, find any settings in either the proxy.cfg file or NWAdmin that would affect this. And no one at any of our administrative or school sites have ever complained of such an issue.