Since I've never used ZLM before:

In ZCM, if you're patching your Linux boxes (OES2 SP1/SP2 to be specific), do you get the option of selecting, say, only the Security patches? Right now with ZMD and SMT, it defaults to check the security and recommended ones I believe (you can manually uncheck them one at a time but there's no option in ZMD to do just the security ones)

I'm hoping with ZCM 11 we can apply just the security patches and then just the recommended patches, etc.

Also, will ZCM be able to "pre-cache" the patches to the managed ZLM devices? Right now I think with ZMD/SMT, I have to literally pull them down from the SMT server (across our WAN) when I click the "install" button. In other words, there's no "pre-cache" option and THEN you can do the install.

That would be nice if we could do that in our environment because of our crummy WAN links.

We would probably use our OES2 servers in our regions as Satellite servers as well, so I don't know if that complicates things or would make it "better".