We have made some schema changes in 8.0.2.

In events.xsd:
We've added a new element <ignoreAfter> to the <Events> element.
If you are only syncing the last 30 days worth of the user's mailbox, you
don't need
to be notified when something happens to an item that was delivered before
This helps reduce the event traffic.

The value put in ignoreAfter is the number of days back from today. If the
value is 0
or not present, all configured events will be sent. The value is checked
the create date of email items and the start date of calendar items.

To get the <ignoreAfter> element to return when getting an
you have to login to an 8.0.2 POA with <version>1.04</version> in the

In methods.xsd:
We added <noop> to getUserListRequest. This is used to test to see if the
POA is
running without having to login to a user. (You need to pass a trusted app
and key.)

In types.xsd:
We added "Mime" to the AttachmentFlags. You can send a MIME attachment and
we will parse the mime as the data to send in the email.

We added "draft" to LinkType. You can create a draft message and add
to the draft message using HTTP PUT. You can then do a send and reference
draft message. The data from the draft message will be used in the sent
The draft message is deleted as part of the send.

We added the "disabled" attribute to the UserInfo structure. You can then
which GroupWise accounts are disabled. The attribute is returned on the
users in the response to getUserListRequest.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns.
If you need an example of how to use them, I can send you some sample code.

I've copied a zip files of the different versions of the schema.
It is at: ftp://ftp.novell.com/outgoing/schema.zip