I made a change to the event notification list on the POA.

Before the user was dropped from the list when the notification was sent.

Now the user is not dropped from the list, but there is a flag indicating
whether the notification has been sent. The SOAP Notification List page
in the WebConsole for the POA was changed slightly. Now there is an
asterisk '*' in the Date/Time field when the notification is set to be
If there is no asterisk, the notification has already been sent.

The notification list is an in memory list. When the POA goes down,
the list is lost. Now when the POA starts up, it will try to rebuild the
list. When an event happens, the code checks to see if the user is
in the list. If not, the user will be added to the list and a notification
will be sent to the event listener application. After that, the regular
event list processing will take place. The third-party will need to flag
that it wants to be sent a notification by calling getEventsRequest with

The change is in 8.0.2 and later builds.

Let me know if you have questions.