I am having trouble getting the Windows Group Policies to work after a successful login. I noticed that User A with Policy A can sign onto a workstation and the policies work. Then User B with Policy B signs on and the policy downloads and appears to be successful but does not actually apply the GP settings. The only way I can get the policies to work is to run ZAC CC and either log in again or manually refresh the device.

My device refresh intervals are low as well. The semi-refresh is set to 15 minutes. I would hate to have to clear the cache on every login and make sure the devices are refreshed often, seems like a lot of unnecessary network traffic. I would prefer to have User A sign on and have Policy A work. Then User B signs on and have Policy B work. Rather than User A signs on clears the cache then a 1 minute refresh is taken to get the Policy A to work.

All other policies work as intended. I have no problems with bundles, Zenworks agent, snmp, or any other policy styles we use.

Hope you all understand. Thank you very much in advance.