Windows XP SP3, NWClient 4.91.5 + hotfixes, GWClient 8.0.1.hp1

After upgrading a site from Groupwise to hp1, the client's "mailto:"
function doesn't work any more: If the GroupWise client is closed, the Client is
opened by triggering a "mailto:", but no new email to that address is created. If
the client is open, nothing happens at all. No error messages,

- "Send email to..." function of WinWord
- html page containing a: .. <a href="mailto:xy@spam.com">send email</a>
- start, run, %programfiles%\Novell\Groupwise\gwmailto.exe xy@spam.com

IE, Internet Options, Programs: Email = GroupWise Client


------------ reg export file ------------------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL:MailTo Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""




@="C:\\Programme\\GroupWise\\gwmailto.exe /%1"
------------ reg export file ------------------

I also backreved gwmailto.exe to the version from, it doesn't change the

Uninstalling GWClient, reboot, reinstalling GWClient (8.0.1.hp1) didn't help either.

regards, Rudi.