In ZAV 7 I could build a component (xlayer file), and essentially just put it in the same folder as the main virt exe file to have it included at run-time. E.g I could create a Flash player.xlayer file to put along with virtual Firefox.exe to include Flash support without having to rebuild the entire Firefox file.

In ZAV 8, the xlayer file now seems to be "renamed" to svm instead, but from what I can read in the documentation, the only "visual" difference seems to be the file extension, the functionality should be exactly the same. But for some reason I cannot get it to work in version 8. I have also tried using the command line argument SVMPath= (the equivalent of XLayerPath in version 7), but without any luck. It does however work perfectly if I add the component to my virtual application and rebuild the exe file, but I found this run-time inclusion to be very useful and would very much like to be able to continue using it in version 8.

Has anyone else been able to get this working in version 8? Have I perhaps just missed some setting that needs to be activated?

Thanks in advance.