Can anyone else confirm the behavior outlined below?

We're looking into implementing system-wide forced GW auto-archive rules, forcing said archives onto a mapped network drive for each user (via unique personal directory, ie -> \\Server\Volume\Private\%CN\GWArchive = O:\GWArchive).

In testing, we've come to realize that when we force/lock the archive location, Windows 7 machines (running Novell Client 2 SP1 IR1 and GroupWise 8.0.1) will not automatically create the required GW archive file structure, they simply error out with an 8201 code. XP clients (running Novell Client 4.91 SP5 and GroupWise 8.0.1) work just fine, auto-creating the required GW archive file structure with no problems whatsoever.

FWIW, these machines all have their firewall and UAC disabled, with File Caching enabled in the Novell Client config, so that we can run ConsoleOne on them.

Might this be a bug that I need to report, or can others successfully get previously non-existent forced archive locations working in Win7?