Hi all
Maybe I am out of date since I use NWSB 5 and Border Manager 3.0 but
and file services where working excellent up to now.
Our company changed the web-hosting provider and from a Unix system we
to a Windows 2000 server fully patched as the provider says.
The problem is that I can not use the Novell proxy any more for FTP
from my
workstation to Windows 2000 FTP server. I have unload filters and
Access rules on BM 3.0 .. nothing.
Is not a matter of filters, I can access any other ftp server Unix -
Linux -
Novell with or without filters but no the W2000 .
What I did so far is that I bypass the proxy and I connected a
directly to Internet to upload the files.
Any help or ideas are welcome

Thanks in advance
Evan Kosteroglou