I have created my own stylesheet to display some of my user defined field values (associated with organization address book entry type) in the summary tab of the addressbook entry. But Groupwise 8.0 client FAILS to display any of the user defined field values in the summary tab FOR ONLY ORGANIZATION ADDRESSBOOK ENTRY types. NOTE: These organization addressbook entries are created using the C++ Groupwise object API. But the Advanced tab of these organization addressbook entry shows those user defined fields with values in it.
Also Groupwise 8.0 Client is able to display the user defined field values in the summary tab for the PERSON ADDRESSBOOK ENTRY types, that are created using the Groupwise Object API. Also when I create a Organization addressbook entry using the Groupwise Client (NEW ORGANIZATION) and fill in the user defined field values using the Advanced tab or that addressbook entry, the summary tab displays those user defined field values.

So there could be some problem in setting the user defined field value for the Organization address book entry using the Object API or it could be Groupwise 8.0 Client issue in displaying the user defined field values ONLY FOR ORGANIZATION ADDRESS BOOK ENTRY, WHICH ARE CREATED USING THE OBJECT API. I also tried to see the underlying XML data in the summary tab and that XML data is missing the USERDEFINEDFIELDS and CATEGORIES tag for the organization address book entry.

I would like to know, if there is any need for special handling only for Organization addressbook entry in Groupwise 8.0 API. Any thoughts or help is really appreciated.