Server configuration:
HP ML310 G4, DC 2.4GB Xeon, 3GB RAM, Hardware RAID 1 - HP SmartArray
NW6.5 sp8, BMgr 3.8 sp5 (Proxy PXY071 Version 5.10.04)
Single Cache volume: 4GB NW Trad. Volume, no compression, no salvage

We seem to have poor performance with the Proxy. Web pages appear to come up much faster not using the Proxy - especially for certain sites where the difference can be as much as 10 seconds per page refresh (i.e. 10 seconds slower using the proxy). But, we NEED the proxy as we use it to control access with a rules list of about 40 allowable sites and everything is blocked for most users.

In looking at the activity screen, some things just don't look normal to me:

After deleting the Cache volume and re-creating it -
(This is after only 13 minutes of activity)
Connections in use: 6
Connections waiting teardown: 17,850 (???)
Client connections: 4
Filled from origin: 24 Failed: 265,923 (???)
Data filled: 17,222,193 bytes
HTTP requests: 26598 (???)
Data transmitted: 3,308,625 bytes

Is our proxy server being hijacked by someone/something? Or, are the rules slowing it down? Any response/feedback/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!