Hi everyone,

We are having issues with netstorage. We are accessing it thru https://server/netstorage.
The authentication does not seem to be working. Each time I enter the username and password, it prompts me again for the username and password. It does not seem like it is hitting any authentication at all. This just keeps on looping. Im sure that the credentials are right. It does not give me any errors but just keeps on prompting me the login information.

What's weird is that when I go to another computer, it works. I have tried it on multiple computers, some works and some doesnt. Different operating systems and and browsers. It does not seem specific to the OS or browser. I updated java on computers that doesnt work with netstorage but no go.

Does someone know where I can look to start troubleshooting or know what the issue is?
I havent had any experience with novell and OES. It is currently running Suse and has imanger 2.5x.