GW8Sp1HP1 (Server on the OES2 and WS=XP_SP3)

UserA and UserB - in the PO1
UserA and UserB - without any shared folders.
UserA add UserB for proxy Access with Full Rights.
After this UserB have full access to the UserA mailbox. This is work OK. !

My other steps (step by step):
1. UserB Create Task for UserA and send this task.
2. UserA receive this task.
3. UserB (as proxy-user with full rights) can access to the mailbox-UserA and can read this recieved task in the UserA mailbox. This is OK (All right).
4. UserB Create Search Folder for:
Serch in the UserA_mailbox+only Received+only Task+only from UserB
5. This is rule work OK and UserB in the SearchResult can see Task..
BUT UserB can not OPEN this search result !!! Always have error D107 !!!

Any help Please.