GW Domain Primary and PO on the OES2 Linux.
Add SLES10 for DOM2 and POST2
Install on this SLES10 GW8sp1hp1.
GWdomain DOM2 and GWpostoffice POST2 will be in the

1) In the SLES10 UP samba and condfigure for share /srv/mail
2) In the OES2 do:
mount.cifs //sles10server/mail /mnt/sles10srv
3) in the OES2 run C1 and create DOM2 in the /mnt/sles10srv/fff/dom2
4) in the SLES10 configure MTA agent and run /etc/init.d/grpwise start
and DOM2 - run - this is OK.
5) in the OES2 in the C1 confiure NEW SDD:
UNC path= /mnt/sles10srv/opt/novell/groupwise/software
Linux path= /opt/novell/groupwise/software
6) in the SLES10 run C1, connect to the DOM2
7) in the SLES10 in the C1 create POST2 and when create get error:
Unable to access client software in Software Distribution Directory

Why this ?
Any suggestion, Please.