I've got some questions regarding our central proxy server and it's
utilization and performance.
First some network facts. Our campus has around 3000 connected PC's
which all go through this central proxy to the internet. Because of
restrictions at the ISP, we have to peer to their proxy cluster. On
the internal network, we have 1 proxy at each location which is
connected to the central one.
When I check the load at peak times, I can tell this about the serverutilization:
between 3000-6000 http requests per minute
Open files: ~50.000
Packet receive has grown to 5800 (min. is 5000).
Dirty Cache buffers sometimes climbing to 3000 while disk requests isvery low (here lies a problem I think)
Hardware: PIII 1200MHz (Compaq DL380) and 1.5GB of memory (69% dirty
cache buffers)
The machine has been patched to NW51SP6 and BM37SP2 and an additionalTCPIP patch. Also tweaked according to the TIDs (tuneup.cfg etc).

Problems are that the machine becomes unresponsive for a period of
time (although it does ping, afreecon remote tool doesnt update the
screen. Even typing at the console will show delays). During this
time, the server is at 100% utilization and the dirty cache buffers

My main question is actually, should this kind of hardware be enough
to handle this amount of load? I'd like to hear from you about similar

setups. This way we can compare and see if the problem is with our

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any feedback.

Best regards,

Roland Kool
Horizon College
The Netherlands