After reading the docs, it seems to indicate that if you wish to do an LDAP import for Asset Inventory (for demographic data) that you can only do a one to one relationship for the main item types.


eDir User stuff can only be mapped to ZCM "user" stuff
Workstation stuff can only be mapped to ZCM Device stuff.

Since eDir does not have workstation things (unless you happen to be migrating from ZFD, in which case the eDir items will eventually be removed via the AWI process or no longer updated), I have to ask if eDir is truly supported?

I can see AD because users AND computers have to be in AD (well unless you wish to punish yourself and have your pc's be in a workgroup and not be in your AD Domain, but I've yet to see any customer have an AD domain and NOT have their workstations be members of said domain).

But seems the only LDAP import you could do with eDir (especially if ZCM is your first install) is user level items, but I'm not sure that would actually accomplish anything for DEVICES.

We had wanted to take the user level "location" and "department" fields and map them to the workstations. Appears the only way to do this is via the old method used by jared jennings for ZFD (I see he's updated it for ZCM as well)

Am I wrong? Is there a way to map eDir user level attributes to the device so that when you look at Site/Department on the device it has the items based up on the user that logs into it?