Problem statement :
1.Want to stop the automatic mounting of the SAN devices, without stopping the automounting of cdrom.
2. Which utility is responsible for such automatic mounting of disks?

Environment : SuSE 10 SP3 / SuSE 11
Architecture : EM64T
Desktop Environment : GNOME
Window Manager : metacity

could anyone please tell me what package or utility is responsible for the automatic mounting of scsi devices and other hot plugged devices like usb and cdroms?

Scenario : When i login as root thru a console of a sever running suse 10 sp3 or suse 11, the disks(scsi,cdrom), get mounted automatically. Whereas after rebooting, this phenomenon does not occur if i remotely login or login in text mode, instead of logging in directly thru the server console.

The possible methods to stop this functionality are as follows :

1. uncheck automount_media option from Nautilus.
2. stop the haldaemon ..which will also stop other system services like network_remote_fs and some certain power_mangement services.(not desirable)
3.stopping the autofs (default is disabled), synchronously putting the entry of the devices which automounted, in the /etc/fstab file with noauto option.

i was successfully able to stop the automounting of this devices, using the above methods, but wud like to know which utility or package is responsible for this functionality.

This automounting Functionality is not available in suse 10 sp2 and lower kernels.

Since this phenomenon occurs only after the GUI or the desktop environment loads, whether it is GNOME or KDE, i tried searching for the gnome related packages, responsible for automatic mounting of the disks.

gnome-gmount-rpm , gnome-autofs-rpm , gnome-volumemanager-rpm were the ones i felt wud be responsible ....

but the versions of gmount and volumemanager are same in SUSE10 sp2 and SUSE10 sp3. hence both the packages are identical in both distributions .so this denies the fact that they are responsible for the auto mounting.

The versions of the window managers are also same, in the above mentioned distros.

i also checked the rules for udev but cud not get any solution.

is it related to the /lib/udev/mount.sh script ?

Thanks in advance,