I am setting up a new SLES/OES2 file server and configuring it to replace our current NW6 system.

We still have the need to access and edit old data on the classic Mac OS. We keep this operating on NW6 by using an NSS volume with AFP, native file access, and user space restrictions.

Some of the classic Mac apps won't open or save a file on a partition larger than 2gb. The file server volume is much much larger than that :) so we use user space restrictions to limit a small number of users to a max of 2gb of free space. When they navigate the volume the client OS only see's a 2GB or smaller partition and their apps work.

On SLES/OES2 we have setup everything the same but the partition size is not presenting itself in the 2GB or less size. Instead, the user space restrictions appear to be working but the volume size displayed to the client OS is real, so in my case 1+TB.

Any ideas on how I can get a few select users to only see 2GB or less of partition info on their classic os client?