Greetings, running GW8SP1HP1 on NW65SP8... normally when you send an email
to a mix of internal and external users, if you go into the properties of
your sent message you'll see divided by post office a DELIVERED status per
post office, then by user you'll see whether the user has read / replied /
deleted and so on depending on your sent message options. However on the
outside email addresses going out through GWIA, you would see TRANSFERRED
(if it went) per Internet domain name, and a blank in the status column per
user under that domain.

Has something changed with this? I'm finding emails over the last few days
that in addition to the TRANSFERRED status, are now showing per user a
DELIVERED status...?? This is happening across several different outgoing

Funny thing is I haven't changed anything that I'm aware of with relation to
the GWIA or my system, did some Internet standard change??

Thanks in advance