One of our users is having an issue where no new data is been synced from groupwise, It appears new data created in GMS either via web or phone will appear in groupwise, but no changes made in groupwise will go back to GMS. As far as I am aware this is only affecting 1 user.

Things I have tried
*Restart GMS
*Restart User's PO
*Getting the user to Reset their account in GMS (gets the latest groupwise data but doesn't get further changes)
*Doing a repair on the users mailbox with all options ticked then restarting PO and GMS

I found this TID which is interesting as groupwise is running in a cluster and it did recently migrate between nodes, but we're running GW 8 SP1 and GMS 3.0.1 which isn't listed as affected. TID 7000663

As I was typing this I decided to try deleting the user's GMS account and recreating it (the affected account is mine) and the issue appears to have gone away so now I am really down to tracking what happened at least. Is anyone able to shed some light based on the information I've provided?