We are currently looking for web filtering suggestions... I guess
main choices are the directly supported by BM options: Linkwall,
SurfControl, N2H2.

Any reasons to go with one over the other if cost is not a factor?

If cost is a factor does it change that?

Currently running BM3.7sp2 on NW6sp3 machine, have upgrade
protection, so 3.8 on NW6.5 is easily doable if it makes any
differences. Any real hardware requirements for good performance for

about 200 users? Currently our proxy logs report about 2.5-3GB
downloaded each week.

I got a quote from Surfcontrol and was abit shocked. How flexible
Linkwall in terms of adding new sites, can I just do basic point/click

to add the site? how about times, or is that more the function of my

access rules in BM? how about logging differences?