I am running apache web server on a netware 6/sp3 server. This server

has only a private ip address and one nic. It serves up the intranet

web pages for internal use only. I use Nbmgr 3.7 http proxy on
server and all the browsers are configured to use a proxy.cfg file
(craig johnson proxy.pac). There are links on the intranet web pages
files on that same server - doc's, pdf's, xls. When on a pc that uses

the proxy server, the links to those files on the intranet pages start

to load but do not complete. Some of the spreadsheet will appear and

then it hangs and never completes loading. I have tried this with apache on port 80 and port 51080 and the same thing happens. However,

on a pc that is configured to not use the proxy server for internet
access, (but uses static nat), the .docs, pdf's and speadsheets open with no problem. I have tried it with filters loaded and unloaded.
Same thing happens.
I am stuck here. Can you help.