When I first installed ZCM, I used my own account to set up my connection to the user source. I tried initially to use ldap-proxy-user but since a password is required and several of my other "administration" level accounts were not accessing, I stuck with my own account because it just worked. Since our initial installation we have reset our passwords a couple of times, which I forgot that I was using my password one of the times and it broke the ZEN authentication.

We are coming up on another password reset soon and I'd like to set up ZCM to use one of my administrative accounts for authentication rather than my user account as I've been doing. I have created a 2nd account which was essentially a duplicate of the ldap-proxy-user account which is used on a number of systems, except I created a password for it.

Now when I try to switch the User Source authentication account to this other account, I type in the LDAP formatted name and password, but it doesn't change the name from my user account. I've started looking at the differences between the accounts but there are way too many to easily identify what I'm missing.

What eDirectory rights/settings are required for an account to be used for the User Source Authentication Account in ZCM?