I have a BM37FP3D server.

Occasionally, on a PC running Win98-se, CLNTRUST will get an IPF in =KERNEL32.DLL when browsing the Internet. When this happens, the PC
totally loses connection to the BM server. When that happens, the PC cannot
unmap or re-map a drive letter to the BM server and cannot disconnect from
the BM server. A logoff-then-login to the network will not map a drive
letter to the BM server from the login script. The Win98-se PC has to re-boot
in order to see the BM server again.

On the BM server, I am running Symantec's AntiVirus for NetWare. It
**seems** that when the AV is running on the server, this will happen
very frequently on the PC. When I unload AV on the server, the PC **seems** to go longer periods without getting the IPF. The PC also
has Symantec's AV client running.

Any clues as to why the Win98-se PC loses its connection to the BM
server or the CLNTRUST getting IPFs?
Is CLNTRUST getting the IPF because the connection to the BM server
was lost or is the connection to BM server lost because of CLNTRUST
getting the IPF?

Thanks for the assist.