We're trying to implement iPrint, but are having the following problem:

When the printer is installed for the first time, and we're printing a test-page, the printer is printing black bars instead of text.
Every line of text is a black bar. Also the Windows logo is printed as a black square.
If the user deletes the printer, and reinstalls it, then the test-page is well printed.
We also have seen this problem when printing a Word-document (Office 2003).

We're using Windows XP SP3, iPrint client 5.40, and are using a Ricoh MP171 and a Ricoh MP3350 printer.
The iPrint server is running on OES2 SP2.

I've discovered that if the printer profile is removed from the printer, the test-page is printed properly, so it looks like a profile problem.

Does anyone have an idea what this problem can be?