I have a pool a shared laptops that use generic local user logins. I have installed the Zenworks agent on them for quick inventory and pushing out software, but there is no need for users to log in to the Zenworks Agent. Up until recently, I have had no problems disabling the zenworks login prompt using the DisablePassiveModeLoginPrompt registry keys as found in the documentation.

Last week I started my upgrade to 10.3.0a and most everything was good until I upgraded one of the laptops to windows 7 and installed the new 10.3 agent. Now the zenworks login prompt shows up every time you try to login with a local account. The registry keys are set up through GP, and still work on the other laptops that have not had the 10.3 agent update yet. I have also tested this on other Windows 7 Machines, but have yet to test results on another version of windows. So, Anyone out there experience the same issues? Have any idea how to disable that prompt?

I'm going to test an XP machine here in a minute to see what happens.